Dev community fires back at ignorant opinion piece concerning the state of GTA 6

Russell Kidson


You had to know there was another Grand Theft Auto Vice City – I mean, GTA 6 post coming, and here it is. Opinion posts are usually valid and incredibly thought-provoking pieces of literary content that have the power to unite large swathes of people behind a single idea.


Such has not been the case with an opinion posted by a now locked Twitter account. According to the author of that specific post, the graphics in the leaked GTA 6 video are finished and represent exactly what the end product will look like. 

Dev community fires back at ignorant opinion piece concerning the state of GTA 6

There are numerous issues with this statement, aside from the fact that it is completely baseless and basically exists as a digital slap in the face of every developer working so tirelessly to bring Vice City to life again in a way that we’ve not seen up till now. 

Caveat: We’ve seen footage of an environment that looks like Vice City; that is not to say that we won’t be served up a brand new world that merely resembles Vice City in GTA 6. 

The now locked account posted a statement that read: ‘If you knew how game development goes, you’d know that visuals are one of the first things done. The game is 4 years into planning & development. What you see is almost exactly what you will get.’

As was the expectation with such offensive ignorance, the developer community on Twitter responded. 

The most damning evidence to prove the poster’s claim to be false came from none other than the co-lead of Uncharted 4, Kurt Margenau. He responded by reposting a previous video from his account in which we can see three distinct stages of development in the game’s downhill car chase scene.

The first is a purely blockmesh environment, the second showcases art blockmesh, and the final is shot with all the final art, rendering, and environmental effects. Margenau is far from the only developer to post his early build footage to prove the falsity of the ignorant statement. Cian Maher, Farrens, and NecroDancerGame have all added to the Twitter gaming beef of the week with their own early build footage. 

Following GTA 6 leaks 2

Margenau also states in the caption of his post that there are ‘a million stages between.’ This indirectly implies that, yes, the visual aspect of the GTA VI leak looks relatively polished, but doesn’t mean the game is anywhere close to being done. What we see in the leak is a patched-together representation of what the basic bones of the game are. The people that look like crash test dummies should make that obvious. 

In light of how serious and detrimental this leak is, it’s heartwarming to see developers standing together in solidarity with Rockstar. We hope that we see some official progress material in the near future, but we understand that just because a game looks halfway playable in leaked footage like GTA 6 doesn’t mean that it’s slated for release anytime soon.

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