GTA VI: female lead protagonist and modern Miami setting all but confirmed

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Hot off the press, we finally have new details about Rockstar’s most ambitious project yet; GTA VI. A recent Bloomberg report released a wealth of information about the game’s setting, lead cast, and even news about the development team themselves. As it turns out, we were right. The next iteration of the Grand Theft Auto Saga will indeed take place in a fictionalized Miami. 


We don’t, however, know if the new setting is going to be called Vice City as it was in previous games. But this would be a safe bet and welcome nostalgic journey. You’ll have to wait a little while before taking on this trip down memory lane, though. GTA VI is slated to only come out in 2023/24. This is due to numerous workplace concerns that have culminated in the company stopping overtime altogether in favor of healthier working conditions and happier developers. 

GTA VI: female lead protagonist and modern Miami setting all but confirmed

These workplace concerns have also led to the creators of the game having to reign in their ambition. As we reported recently, the initial idea for GTA VI was a game that spans more than just numerous cities, as San Andreas did, but numerous continents. This would have resulted in the biggest and most ambitious game in the history of gaming – unless, of course, you count Microsoft’s Flight Simulator, which created a near-perfect replica of the entire Earth. 

GTA VI female lead protagonist 2

We don’t know how big the GTA VI world will be exactly, or how many regions it will span, but Bloomberg’s report confirms that the game will have an ever-evolving world that grows as the game progresses. This is still a first within the GTA franchise. Another first will come in the form of a female lead protagonist. You read that right. The future of GTA is half-female.

We say half because the Latina female lead will share the role of the protagonist with her male companion. We don’t know what their relationship will be, but Bloomberg and Rockstar make numerous references to Bonnie and Clyde, which promises to be interesting. 

As for the time period during which the new game will take place, all we have are suspicions at this point. Judging from the modernity of the building in the background of the teaser image, as well as the clothing choices, helicopter, drones, and a bike with almost future-forward headlights, we expect the setting to be somewhere between 2022 and 2025. Given that the game is slated for 2023/24 release, the developers may want the experience to be as current as possible when the game releases. 

This news is almost obsolete at this point, but Rockstar is actively hiring new staff for the development of GTA VI, confirming that development is well underway.

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